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Music: the dirty baggage that comes with it, the future trying to make sense of it

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Songs About Jane (Vinyl Review)

Keywords here are Groove & Jahat. I was lucky enough to win this album off Universal Music Malaysia and what better way to relive my...


Iqbal M. merges tight musicianship with snarky, in-your-face commentary. His ‘crazy man’ persona rarely loses its confrontational appeal...

Putaran Bulanan: January 2019

In Putaran Bulanan, (or Monthly Spins) we give you a collection of our favourite songs for the past month. January see the Vampire...

Celebrating Edith Piaf.

Celebrating 100 years of France's most beloved national chanteuse. In 2015, Parlophone alongside Warner Music France released a record...

Best Singles of 2018

Some albums aren't as good as they, but contain some of the catchiest songs. Some tracks are just pure singles, still waiting for an...

Best Albums of 2018

I'm finally done. This is a top 20 of my favourite albums of 2018. In lists such as this I always try to find the midpoint between how...

Grease, a forgotten gem.

How this 1978 Motion Picture Soundtrack makes it one of the most palatable musical albums of its time. When I first moved back to PJ...

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