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A song for people pleasers, 'Capacity' sees Charly Bliss explore new sound

Charly Bliss started their career as musicians revitalising 90s grunge with a brighter twist (some call it bubble grunge), but with their new single 'Capacity', the group takes their punchy attitude into synth-pop territory.

The Music video is directed by Michelle Zauner, also known as the lo-fi, experimental artist, Japanese Breakfast.

The lack of fuzzy distortions and the soft-loud-soft dynamic popular in grunge doesn't mean the band is exhibiting any less of their sweet indie rock aggression, as Eva Hendricks voice still pierces through the production; giving what would have otherwise bee a mediocre pop song a bit of an edge. The track is a theme song for people-pleasers and the exhausting consequences you face in trying to make sure everyone is happy (" I used to think that / I should do right by everyone Now I know I was wrong" ). In an interview with Pitchfork, lead singer Eva Hendricks said of their upcoming album, "Young Enough" coming out on 10 May 2019, “I don’t know why it’s easiest for me to frame the darkest lyrics in the context of upbeat songs, it’s completely instinctual and not something I ever plan out. It sort of mirrors how I am, and maybe it’s a way of protecting myself. In my opinion, the two best emotional releases are crying and dancing, so it makes sense to me to marry the two.” So far, with Capacity, Eva Hendricks has done a great job at marrying crying and dancing. The angsty chorus (with the amazing line: "I'm at capacity, I'm spilling out of me) gives the 80s pop production provides a unique twist that you'd be hard-pressed to find in that era. The guitars coming in at the end feels earned and warranted, as the electronic vibes build up to a more stadium-like atmosphere (complete with reverberations of canned drums in the background)

DQ, a song from their debut album, Guppy Last year, t hey released another single after their debut, Heaven, which sticks to their old sound, so the album could have a variety of sounds that sees the band exploring beyond their bubble grunge trademark. We'll just have to wait and see!

RATING: ★★★★☆ You can pre-order their album by clicking here!

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