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Azmyl Yunor's 'Kurangkan Maju' music video, a meditation

15 minute video of small town scenery reminds us what we stand to lose in the face of rapid development.


Release Date: 30 Dec 2018

Lo-fi folk singer-songwriter, Azmyl Yunor goes for a bare bones composition with his new song Kurangkan Maju. The predominantly single-strum instrumental stand in stark contrast to some of his noisier works and to the hustle & bustle depicted in its accompanying video. The video is directed by A-Jun and released on YouTube alongside a description that mirrors the short profile Azmyl wrote for his ampang park EP back in 2017: "an EP dedicated to memory, spaces and modernity". Kurangkan Maju is a laidback listen, a soporific but inherently fulfilling journey, as the minimal guitars slowly become fuller progressions, simultaneously coinciding with the video changing from black-and-white to colour. Part of the beauty of the video is that the shots in the first half almost feel like still shots, until you realise the barely noticeable movements of people walking or birds perching. The song itself takes a while to build-up, but there's an ironic comment that I wouldn't put past Azmyl Yunor, that some patience is required in a fast-paced world of urbanisation - where the concrete wins over peace. RATING: ★★★☆☆

Check out more of Azmyl Yunor by following his bandcamp. His ampang park EP, a tribute to the closing down of Malaysia's first shopping mall is a candid, no-nonsense observation of KL that feels unmistakeably weary and melancholic.

The best way to experience Azmyl Yunor is live, since most of his magic also comes from his interactions with his audience. Check him out at Intunnation, TTDI on 15 Jan.

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