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Youth Portal's 'Film Song' uses college project as visuals

Malaysia's dream pop outfit, Youth Portal, made a music video for one of our favourite songs off of their self-titled debut. Film Song speaks of the desire to document the things we find beautiful. It's a love song, with jangly guitars paired with deep monotonous vocals that makes it a great score for reveries. Directed by frontman, Kaber Ikram, with director of photography, Aqil Kamisruddin, storyboard artist, Arif Marsan and editor, Danial Imran; the music video complements the song beautifully. Using vibrant saturations and space (along with props that would be familiar to indieheads, e.g. Vampire Weekend album "Contra"), the video focuses on the protagonist (played by Aliya Marissa) pursuing a girl that's piqued her interest. In the end she discovers that the girl she pursues is herself, which adds a different kind of depth to the already pleasing song.

The music video is also a part of the frontman's final project in college. Check out the band's self-titled EP below! It ranges from the melancholic and also venture into darker territories of shoegazing with songs like Turning Point.

Follow Youth Portal on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Featured image is sourced from their Facebook.

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