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Celebrating Edith Piaf.

Celebrating 100 years of France's most beloved national chanteuse.


In 2015, Parlophone alongside Warner Music France released a record compiling all of Edith Piaf's original classics remastered in high definition from the original vinyl pressings and master tapes. Now, most of you lot probably have never heard of Edith Piaf. But you probably have heard of La Vie En Rose sung by every single goddamn cover artist who thinks they can sing french or do it justice by singing it in english. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the covers, I enjoy their take on the song but when you hear her sing it, fucking goosebumps. The bar had been set when it was released as a single back in 1946.

Edith Piaf, born on the 19th of December 1915 was one of France's most well known international chanteuse ( female singer / cabaret singer ). She was also a film actress but was better known as a cabaret performer at her peak. Besides "La Vie En Rose", she had several other well known songs such as "Milord" (1959), La Foule (1957) and "Padam, Padam..."(1951). Since her passing in 63', multiple biographies and films have been released in her honour or more as a study about her life. Most of these song titles probably do not ring a bell and that's fine! just listen to either one of these songs that I've mentioned and I swear to God, something somewhere at the back of your head will ring. It's not her voice that will cause that "ring", it's the strings and the music. I BET YOU 10 BUCKS. If nothing rings, then come claim a cup of teh ais and scold me.

Beautifully sad.

I managed to snag this record at CrossRoads Records in Kota Damansara back in 2015 when they released this and although I do not speak nor understand an ounce of french, music is still music. From the pops, the crackles that you hear from the original master tapes to the orchestral ambience you feel when La Vie En Rose starts which obviously, is the first track on the record. Edith specialised in chanson and torch ballads (which basically means singing about unrequited love in the style of lamenting. Polyphonic and secular) Pokoknya, traditional pop la if im going to be lazy about it. She also had that gypsy swing feel to her music. Of course she had to! if you've ever played the game The Saboteur, you'd understand what I mean. A period of turmoil and war gave birth to one of the world's most expressive french female singers who has paved the way for French music both within France itself and internationally.


If you're looking to start listening to French music or even gypsy swing, jazz, etc then by all means start with Edith Piaf. She provides a solid foundation and a basic understanding as to how music back in that time worked and how its charm till today, still manages to capture the hearts of young and old alike.

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