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'Wayward Symmetry': At the Crossroads of Mystical & Industrial [NEW EP]

A beautifully dark collaborative experience between French artist, Laure Boer, and Auspicious Family of the collective, CHINABOT


London-based collective CHINABOT has released a hauntingly beautiful EP called 'Wayward Symmetry' by CHINABOT artist, Auspicious Family & French sound artist Laure Boer. The collaborative split EP traverses a wide genre landscape (from the ominously experimental to elements of ambient electronic), all cohesively coming together to create a seamless experience. As highlighted in CHINABOT's Bandcamp page, the standout track in Wayward Symmetry is 'Brouillard', where the two artists come together in the tracklist for a live recording that features funereal vocals, improvised cuts, and slightly disturbing drones that permeate the aura of the whole track.

The collaboration was done during Laure Boer's 2019 artist residency in Manila, Auspicious Family's hometown in the Phillippines. Listen to 'Wayward Symmetry':

CHINABOT is a riveting label on Bandcamp that's based in London and features a new lens towards Asian music - leaning more toward materials that are experimental, evocative and/or groundbreaking material. Follow them on Bandcamp for more great experimental music and to find out more about Wayward Symmetry


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