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'The Missing Piece' - Gabe Derealton [TRACK REVIEW]

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

#BESTNEWMUSIC An inexorably serene and delicate indie rock track about a person's conflicting personalities.


Gabe Derealton's brand of indie is reminiscent of artists like Ariel Pink, where deep vocals are drowned in a gratuitous reverb. The barely audible words produced like a soporific blanket meant to elicit a kind of comforting, dreamy displacement. Synths like electronic breeze flying around the rest of the instrumentation.

But 'The Missing Piece' takes it a step further than mere jangles, bells and echoes. The song has a prominent pause, as though inviting you to contemplate the missing piece for yourself.

This contemplation comes with sea sounds and seagulls. A comforting moment of respite that comes upon you like soft waves upon a shore.

Rarely does one find an indie rock track that works just as well as gorgeous sonic wallpaper - an ambient score for VHS memories.

Gabe Derealton

'The Missing Piece' conveys Gabe's own relationship to writing and producing music. To Gabe, his passion in music is "the final piece of the puzzle". An insight into the anatomy of Gabe's contrasting personalities - his hopeful and forward-looking side vs side that that is constantly lost and uncertain.

According to Gabe's press statement, the lyrics are partly inspired by Tame Impala's 'Alter Ego', since Kevin Parker is his songwriting hero. Gabe has also cited other influences, including Radiohead, Coldplay, Blur, The Smiths, & Mac DeMarco.

With the pandemic at hand, Gabe has been spending more time exercising his writing chops with plans to release more singles in the coming months with a 6 track EP shortly after.


4 / 5


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