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'Buat Kau Yang Bakal Pergi' - Umar Akmal [TRACK REVIEW]

Graciously setting space for quiet musings on mortality, Umar Akmal writes an open letter to all of us who will all someday leave. #BESTNEWMUSIC

RELEASE DATE: 4 APR 2021 GENRE: FOLK / FOLK POP Death and its inevitability are prevalent in songs across all genres. Often they’re riddled with morbidity, violence, or on the other extreme, the pop promise that we will all live forever. Occasionally, they’re comforting pieces - like in the soft, delicate musings of Buat Kau Yang Bakal Pergi.

The song feels like a panacea - a comforting embrace - for those experiencing grief; or themselves holding onto life.

Buat Kau Yang Bakal Pergi’s beauty is seemingly cookie-cutter, but that barely matters when the cookies on offer have this gorgeous ability to peel back the layers of longing and introspection one gets when contemplating something as large as the end of life itself. The song feels like a panacea - a comforting embrace - for those experiencing grief; or themselves holding onto life.

'Buat Kau Yang Bakal Pergi' Cover Art

I can’t pinpoint exactly how Umar Akmal does this with tasteful hope and optimism, but I’m definitely looking forward to future releases. His previous tracks like “Nothing To Do” pales in comparison when it comes to the songwriting in his latest single, but that track shows his willingness to experiment with something different - on top of the fact that he also recently covered Bon Iver - a singer-songwriter known for cavernous and nocturnal productions that sometimes border on the experimental. The music video is directed by Pdot Ahmad. Check out below for the music video's behind the scenes!

Umar Akmal

On an upcoming release, Umar Akmal mentioned in an email interview: "I'm currently working on my second single for my EP. The song is still in a recording stage but I planned it will be released around July. A music/lyric video for this single will follow the same concept as Buat Kau Yang Bakal Pergi's music video to maintain the aesthetic vibe of my debut EP project. In addition, if everything sticks to my schedule I will be launching my first debut EP later this year. Date is yet to be decided".

Behind The Scenes: 'Buat Kau Yang Bakal Pergi'

RATING: 4 / 5


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