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The poet, writer, musician & women's health advocate has released a debut album filled with spoken word packaged in emotionally-rich musings

Released on 25 September, 2020, under Pekan Maya Records, Wani Ardy's debut full-length album is the artist's self-declared documentation of her journey as "a writer-composer, poet and lover". The lyricism is the beautiful event horizon that pulls in productions ranging from post-rock-tinged trip hop, to Javanese-influenced soundscapes, to triumphant alt-rock.

Although the atmosphere, supplied by her band, WIDYA, is found in the echoey vortex of Cengkerama or the celebratory embrace of Joget Payung Hikmat or Belajar, the words are the oxygen of the show - unafraid of vulnerability, unafraid of hope.

Listen to 'RASKAT':

You can get order the CD which includes a lyric booklet, and merch at The CD will also be available at records stores including Teenage Head Records, Rocksteadykl, & Dream Project Ipoh starting 2 Nov 2020.

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