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'Tanya' by Jiwa Cemas is nostalgia, simplified [NEW SINGLE]

A minimal acoustic salve for anxiety-ridden souls

Jiwa Cemas is also available on Apple Music RELEASE DATE: 25 AUG 2020 GENRE: INDIE POP / BEDROOM POP / DREAM POP / ACOUSTIC

Jiwa Cemas knows the art of restraint. The side project by two brothers, PG Saiful Safuan & PG Khairul has debuted with a single that captures the minimal essence of dreamy acoustic music - the stuff of reveries and grainy photo nostalgia.

Produced and engineered by Faliq Mohd of Pastel Lite fame, there is no reverb-drench or jangly guitar cliches here; just clear-cut, vocal melancholy.

Based on a statement by Faliq, an album by them is coming up most probably in 2021. "We planned to release it this year, but it wouldn't be appropriate [due to the pandemic]". Although Jiwa Cemas is a new project, the sibling duo have been active in the Malaysian music scene for several years. Besides PG Saiful Safuan (or more commonly known as Wan) being a regular bassist for synth-pop outfit Pastel Lite, the two brothers have also made music together in grunge-inspired band, Three:

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