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Pop-punk meets Amy Mastura, Night Skies & Visions pays unexpected 2000s tribute [NEW SINGLE]

The song about positivity & love now has a new kind of punch


Malaysian pop-punk band Night Skies & Visions has nostalgically ambushed us with this catchy cover of a 2000s local pop classic, 'Sha Na Na', originally by Amy Mastura. Most prominently known as the theme song for TV series, Puteri, which starred Nora Danish, this cover tells makes us imagine a world where Puteri was more open about her love for Avril Lavigne.

Fast-faced pop-punk replaces the peppy, Katrina & The Waves-esque brightness of the original, but it's not just fiercer for the sake of being fierce. The track has magnetic drum fills and vocal chants for listeners who've always wondered what a Pop Goes Punk Malaysian compilation would sound like nowadays. The song has been released digitally on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music, JOOX, Spotify, YouTube Music, and more!

The original Amy Mastura version:

The original itself was a part of Amy Mastura's 2000s album Bintang Hati that centers around themes of positive emotions and messages of love.

If you're a Malaysian who grew up with TV3, this is probably a part of your repressed/expressed memory.

Night Skies and Visions are a 5-piece pop-punk band from Kuala Lumpur whose music has always focused on the fun side of the genre. Earlier this year they've released a song that makes us all miss the good old days of live gigs. Listen to 'Saturday Night':

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