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'Look The Other Way': Trophy Knives fights against apathy in their upcoming album [NEWS]

Back to smashing rose-colored glasses and political apathy, Trophy Knives make a statement about passive societies and the cycle of hate



Trophy Knives' latest single offers poignant political commentary brandished with reflection - mirroring the global discussions taking place on social media during what seems to be an increasingly polarized time in history. Taking inspiration as observers of the Black Lives Matter movement online, Trophy Knives returns back to the fold with a conscience for societal change and dissent against hateful ideas.

The video drop features their intro "We've Had Enough" and "Look the Other Way", merging both songs into a near 6-minute prologue for what's to come. Production-wise, they've banded together with Irena Taib on the violin and feature Annatasha Saifol and Raja Nazmin of SOG (Sekumpulan Orang Gila) on additional vocals.

It's a thoughtful track laced with anger, and rightfully so. Frontman Vinesh Muniady shares his personal experiences on the subject matter.

"I think this song and this album is something that was born out of necessity, being a minority my whole life I've had to deal with racism and I chose not to sing or speak out about it, but with everything that's happening this year, especially with how progressively ignorant some Malaysians are choosing to become, I feel like I have to speak out about the racism that exists in our community"

He wastes no time getting his point across- "Make no mistake- these are protest songs"

The music video is directed by @masternadeem of SKESH ENTERTAINMENT

Look The Other Way [ALBUM] will be out on the 19th of March 2021 Preview tracks are available below:

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