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[TRACK REVIEW] 'What Am I Gonna Do Today' - The Regrettes

Fall into the arms of wondrous listlessness, The Regrettes quarantine track doubles as a melancholic love song.


The Regrettes' transition into pop has been a bit awkward to me, especially since my initiation into their music was the attitude-filled rawness of their pop punk debut, 'Feel Your Feelings Fool!' back in 2017. Their 2019 album, "How Do You Love" has some stellar singles like 'I Dare You', but is pretty uneventful for a pop record hence it fell under my radar.

That being said, Lydia Night and her band have always had a penchant for confessional songwriting. It's evident in their punkier songs and now is true also for their latest single. The Regrettes have always a knack for uncomplicated sincerity in their songwriting, but this one hits a little close to home since it's set within Quarantine Times (even though it was written prior, wooo prophecy wooooo) and an understated romantic ballad that's innocuous on the surface, but really quite heartbreaking ("Is it a day that can turn into tomorrow/without saying goodbye")

'What Am I Gonna Do Today' puts together the feeling of Solitude during quarantine times while also pining for a spacetime reality where everything lasts forever and she doesn't have to let her lover go. . It doesn't have a strong hook, but I don't think it needs one. It feels personal while sticking to a breezy and familiar pop song structure. The drum machine (and the music video) contributes to that warm, bedroom pop vibe really well. Overall, a great tune.


3.5 / 5

Check out some old ( as in two years ago) Regrettes below:

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