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[TRACK REVIEW] 'Untukku Kembali' - Sevenchords

The Bandung band has released their first single since their eponymous EP back in 2016, a sweet song fitting for campfires.

GENRE: INDIE POP / INDIE FOLK RELEASE DATE: 26 JUNE 2020 With love at the centre of the song’s theme, Sevenchords’ latest single is a sunny indie pop cut that is made better by the soft sounds of xylophones, flutes, pianos, claps, and backing vocals. The lyrics also go into areas such as honesty being the central tenet of a romantic relationship (“Awali dengan kejujuran/Fahami segala perbedaan’). Lead vocalist Tiesa’s singing gives the song a triumphant, joyful air.

In a statement given by the band, Untukku Kembali also “gives a moral message”, showing how the best human beings are those who open their door to forgiveness”.

The song features collaborations with keyboardist, Andri Febriana, and a young guitarist, Hilmi Gantara. Drummer, Amazia Yedija Pangasa Sabu, or Asa, keeps a simple percussive drive to the song:

“I imagined this song being sung at a campfire. Therefore the tools we use in this song are as minimalist as possible”.

Lead vocalist, Sekar Kinanti Tistia, or Tiesa, has also said in a statement about the challenges in recording this song due to the busy schedule of each of the band members, “But with each other’s maturity, we still chose to continue. We believe that if we always move forward, we will produce pieces of work that will become a series of stories for us.

Untukku Kembali might be considered as derivative and typical of a saccharine acoustic-based pop song of this nature, but it’s polished production and happy mood has something for those looking for a smile or a positive vibe.


3 / 5

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