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TRACK REVIEW: ‘Superstore’ - alextbh

RELEASE DATE: 6 DEC 2019 GENRE: POP / R&B ‘Superstore’ is unassuming - complex in its context, while at the same time a simple sketch of love and/or lust. Alextbh sings about a Tinder date that he was afraid of falling in love with, eventually appreciating him more after realising that his feelings “were not that deep”. The minimal production makes it a tight pop song, and reminiscent of James Blake’s more compact, less voluminous tracks in his discography. There’s just a beautiful amount of talent in how alextbh makes the line “Let’s never make a promise, baby” so romantic. Based upon a Flaunt article, alextbh has mentioned an upcoming EP in passing which will touch on the stories of the gay community as a whole. We’ve seen alextbh move from bops to straight-up serenades, and his growth seems implacable for now. RATING: 4 / 5

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