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TRACK REVIEW: "Receipts" - serpentwithfeet ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Although skeletal, serpentwithfeet captures the sweet, ebullient meadow-esque picture of love.


26 June 2019



Receipts launches you into the stratosphere from the very starting point of the song, with blossoming chorus of gorgeous voices by serpentwithfeet. As he sings about the wholesome humility and awe at the prospect of someone returning your love (Tell me, how did I deserve you?/Tell me, is this real or am I dreaming?), serpentwithfeet continues the sound that he first perfected in his 2018 debut, soil. In a statement from Pitchfork, serpentwithfeet further expounds upon the song's meaning: “I began writing ‘Receipts’ when I first moved to Los Angeles last summer,” serpentwithfeet said in a statement. “I was and still am mystified by the city—the mountains, the men, the hummingbirds. I played an early demo for Ty Dolla $ign and he asked to join me on the track. This song carries a lot of weight for me because it’s a snapshot of two brothers rhapsodizing about unforeseen romance. Ty is a huge part of my L.A. story so ‘Receipts’ feels like a perfect document.”

What's exciting about this experimental R&B artist from New York is his ability to embody the orchestral and ethereal into the minimal. In Receipts, the entire thrust of the song is the voice, with shimmery, cavernous production to create a beautiful atmosphere. However, in comparison to many of the tracks from soil, such as bless ur heart, the track feels too empty and only functions as a framework for something that could’ve happened. You can still find comfort in the vocals, reveries could still come to life, but definitely not one of serpentwithfeet’s best work. RATING: 3 / 5 Listen to soil

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