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TRACK REVIEW: "Not My Fault" - Jaggfuzzbeats

GENRE: ALT ROCK RELEASE DATE: 16 APR 2020 The 3rd single from the band's upcoming album is a straightforward alt-rock affair. Shah Alam band Jaggfuzzbeats is now slowly revealing the general sonic direction of their next project. There seem to be much fewer frills and shine in these past few singles. In hindsight, although their previous single 'Fade' has some variety in movements and arrangements, it's becoming clearer that Jaggfuzzbeats is just going for a more direct approach in terms of their songwriting and genre compass. The general impression I'm getting is that these tracks are honing on the emotion of the lyrics and the vocal performances. The guitars and drums are meant to paint these words onto a canvas, but the adventure is definitely in the lines being sung. This is a double-edged sword so far. Every instance has its flaws, and "Not My Fault", unfortunately still falls a bit flat. Middle-of-the-road. That being said, it's not like there's nothing to take away from this. Lead singer, Azrul Zainal's vocals give a bluesy affectation in his clamor to eschew blame in what sounds like a rocky relationship/friendship. No one should be asking for the kind of elaborate arrangements from the first album, "Rest Now", an album I absolutely loved when it first came out in 2017. It's great that they're trying, for lack of a better word, a rawer sound and they owe no duty to anyone to emulate what they've already done. In fact, I think, more and more, Jaggfuzzbeat's next album would be a continuation of the beautiful honesty in their last song on "Rest Now", "Little Miss Sunshine". If they can carry that emotional weight throughout their next album, it would be a blast to witness. RATING: 3 / 5 Check out Little Miss Sunshine from their 2017 debut:

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