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TRACK REVIEW: 'My Name Is Dark (Art Mix)' - Grimes


Grimes’s 4th single off of her upcoming album “Miss Anthropocene” is a wonderful mix of cheerful pop buried underneath layers and layers of dark production - fitting for a song she said is about her insomnia. She sings about boys and girls being boring like a frustrated introvert at a party, but at certain points in the track it sounds like she’s containing a more primal kind of madness. There’s nothing too flashy about My Name Is Dark. The song structure is straightforward, not too tightly wound nor too clean, but not doing too much that it overstays its welcome. Also, there is a very macabre poetry in My Name Is Dark ( And the angel of death, she said to God: "Un-fuck the world, un-fuck the world/You stupid girl, you stupid girl" ). Disillusionment from the normal hoi polloi of life quickly become a dramatic contemplation of Heaven and Hell. Good old Grimes. Grime’s album “Miss Anthropocene” will be out on 21 February, 2020 RATING: 4 / 5


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