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TRACK REVIEW: "Mimpi" - K-Clique ft. Alif

Hip hop collective, K-Clique, just gets more solid with each single. With each rapper in the group strengthening their own respective styles.

GENRE: HIP HOP RELEASE DATE: 10 JULY 2019 K-Clique has had a meteoric rise in the Malaysian hip hop scene these past couple of years. The different members of the group make their presence known through the participation in a handful of features, recently with MeerFly & Kidd Santhe; but the greatest thing about K-Clique is that they stand strong as their own collective unit. They continue the legacy of ensemble rap but also taking it to bold territories. Whether it’s the charismatic performances by MK, or the impeccably raw delivery by TUJU, all of the members of the relatively large hip hop group come together with explosive chemistry. This was already apparent in their previous singles such as “Sah Tu Satu” and “Lane Lain Line”, but with “Mimpi” the group takes it to the next level. This collaboration with Alif is punchy, diverse and consistently enthralling. The production of Mimpi still carries on K-Clique’s go-to sound (present in previous singles) - part-noir, part-trap - but it doesn’t ever seem to get old. The playful synths in the song alternating with booming bass is solid. In addition to that, much of the song’s merit is due to the fact that the beats in Mimpi doesn’t drown out the bars and personality coming in from each member, but isn’t too stifled so the beat still leaves a mark in your mind. Speaking of personality, Mimpi has a lot of it. From Somean’s seamless braggadocio coming in from the start of the song, Noki’s deep voice and gravitas, Tuju’s undefeatable rugged baritone singing voice, and even Gnello’s more mellow rap approach. MK’s bars at the end is the highlight for me (Kalau dulu duduk belakang sekarang nak sapu rata / Kalau dulu beli ticket sekarang panggung kita punya!). Nobody in Mimpi feels redundant, despite the fact that there are many of them. Even Alif’s feature on the hook fits like a glove with the song’s exploration of dreams coming true. The music video features K-Clique showcasing their Sabahan pride with shots of beaches, ships and traditional Kadazandusun dancers (that fit in perfectly with the trap beats).

RATING: 4 / 5

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