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[TRACK REVIEW] "Make You All Mine" - Bear Scouts

GENRE: INDIE POP / INDIE ROCK RELEASE DATE: 17 APR 2020 Peppy track proves less is more; Bear Scouts latest single has "get-up-and-dance-in-your-bedroom-alone" potential

"Make You All Mine" is now officially my favourite Bear Scouts song. I thought RTOT had substance but was poorly delivered and was musically uninteresting and then their debut "Pills" was a cool piece of bedroom-pop-inspired, secretly dark tune that still doesn't match this track. That "Pills" mood was supposed to be the fuel to the band according to Alif. He even mentioned in an interview with CLEO that writing a happy song is difficult, since the last time they attempted it didn't turn out too well. Alas, the happy attempt has reached a happy end. "Make You All Mine" is all shameless joy. It pummels on with a catchy riff that eschews the band's initial '80s pop sound' and is riddled with really sweet vocal harmonies. The lyrics are a little on the thin side, but rightfully so. The backbone to the song is obviously a to-the-point open declaration of love set to the rapid heartbeat rate of someone with a special crush.

The riffs are immensely catchy and Alif's voice just does so well in the framework of this jangly production and song arrangement, better than much of the slower songs where the performance can be a tad awkward. Make You All Mine exudes confidence and showmanship and a good sense of melody. The only minor gripe would be that unnecessary switch to a two-tone instrumental break at the end. Probably comes off well in a live performance as a chance for the band to make an announcement or ask how everyone's doing but feels a bit weird in an already energetic track. The song is produced by Anuar Roslan, who also mixed alongside Shariman of Melodiya Recordings. The song was also mastered by Shariman. RATING: 4 / 5

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