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TRACK REVIEW: 'Khione' - Ara Elyse ft. Ian Francis Khoo of The Filters #BestNewMusic



Summoning the Goddess of Snow from those Rick Riordan novels, Khione is a unique wintry experience that doesn't exploit the sentiment of staying warm, or even the heartbreak of cold, cold, Solitude. It might as well be a new sound in the canon of winter songs. There is a completely knowable aspect to the track, of course. After all, it's still accessible within a large stretch of the imagination, especially if that imagination includes the calming sanctuary of lo-fi hip hop beat channels on YouTube. But it clearly only sits in the uncanny valley of that music type. No, there's nothing sultry about this that treats your soul like roasted coffee beans. It's a really old radio playing warped versions of someone else's past that became sentient and starts narrating to you weather reports of past blizzards. Honestly, if I keep talking I'm gonna sound (even more) ridiculous. The heart of it is this: the moving parts work. The softness of Ara Elyse's voice centers all of the fuzziness of the production and instrumentation. It's a fireplace. In a haunted house. Where the ghosts don't want to kill you. They only creep around because they're too scared to ask if they can join your storytime session with your family.


4.5 / 5

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