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GENRE: HIP HOP/ RAP RELEASE DATE: 9 APR 2020 LABEL: DEF JAM SOUTH EAST ASIA Funny zingers and wholesome flows, Fariz Jabba and omarKENOBI's new track just can't lose

The chemistry between these two is unmatched in levity and skill. Fariz drops one of his best lines in a memorable one-two-punch that sums up the whole flex with "Dulu lapar tapi sekarang dah kenyang/Dulu takde drip, tapi skarang berenang". Omar's whole verse ending with the line "leave you quick in the dust like abu" also hits hard. "KALAH" is boastful, punchline rap with all of the boxes ticked. It's a banger for bopping, with bars for laughing. OmarKENOBI's production on this ranks pretty high on my list too, with that booming bass and the almost menacing synths at the end. It's a wonky pop trap vibe that serves a comfortable room for the lyrics to flow. Match that with a fun, bouncy music video by Vadbibes and you've got the complete package. RATING: 4.5 / 5

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