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[TRACK REVIEW] 'Irama Hujan' - Nadaman

New jazz pop act, Nadaman, hands you an umbrella of music for both lonely and snuggle-worthy rainy days.


'Irama Hujan' fits the mold of a classic jazz pop song, with beautiful vocals and the occasional piano fill twinkling to set the scene. The vocalist, Zulaikha, performs with charm when she's singing alone or when she's harmonizing with band member Haziq. Her voice (and the overall mood of this track) is reminiscent of Indonesian twee, neo-romantic, folk duo Banda Neira.

The lyrics capture the longing of a person thinking about their significant other. The musicianship is pretty tight as well, whether it's the rhythms carrying the verses or the improv-like solo instrumentation. However, Irama Hujan lacks any distinct personality. Its arrangement falls flat in the end with a quaint refrain of "Mungkinkah kau Berada dalam kereta mendengar Irama/ Mungkinkah kau sedang memikirkan tentang diriku juga" that is adorable the first few times, but personally feels weak as a hook and as a conclusion.

Since they're a new band, it's understandable that Nadaman has yet to find their sound, but there's some charm in here worth checking out for your mellow jazzy days. The vocal harmonies in the singing of "Aku mahu… Oh Tahu" is splendid. All they have to do is to take that grasp they have on the jazz pop language and prune it with their own pizzaz.


3 / 5

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