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[TRACK REVIEW] 'Idontknow' - Jamie xx

Jamie xx shows he can do messy as well as minimal




A lot happens on this track. That muddled aesthetic might be a turn-off for some of Jamie xx’s fans who are in it for his minimalist style, or for those who love the type of emotional sharpness in his other (probably more prominent) musical project, The xx. But the accelerating BPM and the vocal samples all come together with an addictive, pulsating quality. You’ve got a cool 808 drum beat that reminds me of a lot of glorious Afrobeat music from artists like Fela Kuti (RIP Tony Allen & Fela Kuti) with little whistles and percussive parts that just emanates an almost avant-garde urban noisiness.

It keeps on building and building as the track progresses, and the glitchy, scratchy segment in the middle launches this song into another realm. Maybe a little polish is required down the line or something if he’s planning to launch a new record. But personally, this track stands on its own, channeling a myriad of emotions with Jamie at his most maximal.

This single is Jamie xx’s first track after releasing his previous album 5 years ago, In Colour. RATING:

4.5 / 5

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