• Zim Ahmadi

[TRACK REVIEW] 'I Just Wanna Go Outside' - Midnight Fusic


Midnight Fusic came into my life and caused quite a positive ruckus about three years ago with songs like Heart of May. However, personally, they’ve sort of fallen into a lot of traps of the overly polished pop band especially with their ‘When Love Was Around EP’ and their ‘Caramel Cream EP’ (I’m actually a fan of ‘Lovesick’). But with ‘I Just Wanna Go Outside’, it feels like a small redemption because the production is unassuming, but appropriately gritty - considering that the band produced this remotely due to the virus. Not presuming how any of the songwriting process works for their previous songs, but with this track Midnight Fusic’s candour is cleaer. They don’t sound just like a free-for-all boyband-on-a-platter--with-Boy-Pablo-for-toppings. It’s hard to place, but I think it has something to do with the nostalgic lyrics, the wash of synths, the vocal harmonies, the simple drum beats and the way Arif sings “Is it just fate//Are we meant to define//A generation I can’t break”. For me, it’s the kind of poignancy that works with songs like Everytime by boy pablo (a band I actually like despite the previous remark) and Clairo’s songs when she first entered the public eye - it’s simple, but feels layered and warm like a person hiding a crush they have on you. Also, the fact that this came out when we’re all self-isolating probably affects a lot of my opinions on this. The lyric video that comes with the song doesn’t help my yearning for the great outdoors either. *plays I Just Wanna Go Outside again*


4 / 5

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