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TRACK REVIEW: ‘Gundah Gulana’ - LOKO

RELEASE DATE: 6 DEC 2019 GENRE: INDIE ROCK Although Gundah Gulana is not one of their most exciting singles, the sentimentality is the lyricism is admirable. The jangly guitars and the dreamy production stays true to singles like Untuk Dia, but I honestly feel LOKO’s strong suit is when they actually go loco. When they wrap themselves around a catchy riff that makes you want to dance in your chair or wear a plaid shirt instead of trying to follow this prominent sound in Malay indie that borders on cheesy ballads that very few can pull off. The sentiments carry themselves better in those catchy tracks too, like in their breakthrough single Pujaan Hati. Their EP “Mata Kaca” is now available for orders. RATING: 3 / 5

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