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TRACK REVIEW: 'Galeia's Touch' - Golden Mammoth #BestNewMusic



When crafting a psychedelia song, sans gimmicks or flourishes, essentially it all boils down to world-building. How do you create a magnificent landscape that draws in every aspect of your listener - their conscious and subconscious all at once. Is it all just buttons and triggers, or can you weave a narrative or at least a terse plea? Whatever the actual criteria are, Golden Mammoth seems to be getting better at it. At first, the thumping desert rock riff sounds just like another familiar Golden Mammoth (nay psych rock) template, but you later notice the intricacies built up around the synths becoming fuller and fuller. It's a madness, really. The best kind. And I find myself always anticipating the part where they sing "Do I need this part of hunger" in that hypnotizing falsetto, complete with wavy guitar effects and a reliable bass and drum groove. The fact that it ends so abruptly is such a great tease, and hopefully the track fits the rest of their album, "Skyscrapers Towards the Sun". Get their latest album on their social media.


4.5 / 5

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