• Zim Ahmadi

TRACK REVIEW: 'Fade' - Jaggfuzzbeats



This self-proclaimed darker side to the band is a colour-by-numbers narrative of escape from a world of routine pursuits. Fade shares a thematic similarity with their first single from the upcoming album (planned release is 2020,with no definite dates) In Time - where the band places themselves in the context of a suffocating society, and wishing to be no part of it. Unlike In Time, the weapon is not indifference anymore, but a desperate call for freedom. The lead singer's squeezed, country-esque vocals, adds personality to lyrics that feel hopeful and bleak all at the same time, but is unfortunately washed over in the mix. Or if the initial attempt is at creating a dreamy sonic aesthetic, it failed to result in anything distinctive.

In that respect, the adventurousness of the band's writing pales in comparison to the arrangement. It doesn't have the same punchiness that their more accessible songs have (In Time, Little Miss Sunshine) , nor does it exhibit a kind of multiphase blurring-of-the-lines that make their wilder side attractive (Symmetry, Hours). The cult imagery is powerful in respect to the music video, but not in anyway one of their best tracks.


3 / 5

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