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TRACK REVIEW: 'Dakota' - Forests ft. Celine Autumn



The matching of math rock and emo is undergoing a resurgence recently in Southeast Asia. The appeal does not lie within its novelty, but with the invigorating technicality that imbues the genre. Where angsty, primal emotions, meet nuanced timing signatures and technical guitar solos. Often times, the emo-ness in the track sticks out awkwardly next to the precision of its guitar-work, dampening the spirit of the arrangement. Other times, they both dilute each other to the point of asking "Why are these two things trying to outdo each other anyway". In forests relatively short musical life (based on their Bandcamp's first EP being the one that come out in 2015), they tend to find themselves in this quagmire often enough. Occasionally, you'd have immensely punchy tracks that scour the depths of both emo and math rock, especially since they're not shy in throwing in some punky shouting in the mix. Their latest single 'Dakota' is one of these tracks. There's no shouting, technically speaking, but the shaky vocals announcing lyrics of running away and not being rescued is satisfying to the core. It also takes time to simmer, not rushing into the chaos way too fast or too early. They released a version of this track already back in 2015, but in this latest version, Celine Autumn of the Singaporean dreamy indie rock band Sobs is featured. She adds a whole body of sadness to an already depressing track. There are still some moments of superfluity, but the parts where it hits the mark, like the second leg of the song, more than makes up for it. Maybe what Celine's vocals do is make it as if there's this person echoing all of those thoughts of escape and "Why can't we always stay the same". Like a conscience. Or a memory. Or both. Anyway, the journey from that acoustic segment where the singer laments a place he misses to the end is a wonderful emotional rollercoaster.


4 / 5

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