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GENRE: POP / R&B RELEASE DATE: 16 APR 2020 Yay, more tepid pop music with nothing to offer. Except probably as a decent Tik Tok soundtrack.

Well, Ezra can sing. He's got a voice that fits the R&B mold. I can imagine him serenading. These are all positives, I guess.

Now if that talent came with a more intriguing production or if his performance had a unique delivery to it then maybe this is worth a listen. Or if he has an artistic personality that doesn't make him sink into the innocuous pond of YouTube covers and Ali Gatie followers. This song is barely wallpaper. These are lines written by the type of people that brought early Justin Bieber to fame. This is the type of song that makes pop skeptics hate ALL pop music when there are many wonderful ways to present cliches about love and romance that isn't hollow or feels unfinished. Any lyricism in this song doesn't add any value that hasn't been added already by a million romantic songs before it. Ezra can do better. He's probably just starting off, but he's already gotten some fans. The music video is cute too. (Love that bit where the girl slides down the stairs with her blanket). But wow, this song does nothing for me. RATING: 1 / 5

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