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TRACK REVIEW: 'Circles' - Dani Komari

RELEASE DATE: 10 DEC 2019 GENRE: JAZZ POP / SOUL “Circles” is a song title that’s almost a boast. The way the song starts, and the way it ends makes it easy to repeat. It’s a succinct blow to the gut, and Dani Komari raspy vocals & quick-cut phrasing lends itself a dozen repeats. Dani Komari knows when to hover her fingers over the trigger and when to shoot when it comes to her voice. A lot of emotions are packed within this 3-minute blowout as it tells the story of a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. How she comes to the realisation that it’s going nowhere (“But now the song’s re-sung, I’ve waited far too long”) is perfectly complemented by the pacing of the instruments, that starts off wavy but then gets injected by a great boost of horns and drums - like a whole room of winos sobering up. Dani Komari is not too well known in her home country of Malaysia, but she’s slowly leaving her mark as one of the greatest, singing next to Robin Banarjee, Amy Winehouse’s guitarist, and being one of the few local acts to perform at World Youth Jazz Festival 2019. “Circles” was mastered in Abbey Road Studios by Mike Showell. It was recorded and mixed by Jerry Lim Sin Wei of the band, Angguk. Dani Komari is definitely an artist to look out for. RATING: 4.5 / 5

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