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[TRACK REVIEW] 'Chew On My Heart' - James Bay

James Bay’s latest single from his upcoming album takes a positive and joyful tone.


Just a few months after his surprise 2019 EP, Oh My Messy Mind, James Bay has already announced his third album in the works. With the first cut from that record, ‘Chew On My Heart’, sounding as bright and triumphant as it is, the single veers away from the general nocturnal or shadowy vibes of his prior songs. The track is your typical Bay acoustic melancholy in the verses but blossoms into a flowery pop track in the chorus. Although it has all the earmarks of a middle-of-the-road pop song, Bay’s spirited and energetic vocal performance makes it an instant earworm.

James Bay has also said in an interview with NME that despite the song’s positivity, it’s also one his most vulnerable songwriting in a while and has stated that the upcoming album will be full of these personal expressions. It’s already evident in the lyrics of ‘Chew On My Heart’, that even when extolling the virtues of transcending boundaries within love he sings of being ‘on fire’ and being virtually torn apart. Nevertheless, 'Chew On My Heart' is a cool reminder of joy when everybody's going through The Contemporary Mess That Is Covid-19. RATING: 4 / 5

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