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TRACK REVIEW:‘Bila Kau Jatuh’ - Hujan ft. Ijam Restraint

RELEASE DATE: 9 DEC 2019 GENRE: HARDCORE / PUNK / ALTERNATIVE ROCK It’s not as if Hujan has never gone heavy before. In fact, they dedicated an entire album called Sang Enemy to their love for metal and hardcore punk. But this particular speaks to a sense of craftsmanship that has been honed for many years ever since they released Sang Enemy in 2012. Ijam from the iconic Malaysian hardcore and Restrain just triples the adrenaline injection into this track. Bila Kau Jatuh hits the right spot with the way it swings between unbridled hardcore energy and a sweet chant-worthy chorus. It also hits the right spot because of it’s overt tribute to the Hujan fanbase, Raingers, and also the most important rule of moshing: if someone falls down, you pick them up. Hujan’s still got it. Hujan's latest album "Pelangi Dan Kau" is now available on their social media RATING: 5 / 5

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