• Zim Ahmadi

TRACK REVIEW: '7 O'Clock News/Silent Night' - Phoebe Bridgers (ft. Fiona Apple & Matt Berninger)



If you've ever wondered how the sordid Simon and Garfunkel take on the Christmas song would sound like with today's headline, there's nothing that would hit the mark more than Bridgers version. The vocal harmonies on this thing somehow feel even more eerie and beautiful than the Simon and Garfunkel version, but it doesn't stick the landing to well in terms of gravitas. For one, Matt Berninger is the perfect voice to read the headlines, but it feels a bit stilted compared to the ominous splicing in of actual newscasters in the original take by the folk duo. Fiona and Phoebe save Christmas with their vocals on this one, but this just comes off as a fun thing to do rather than a necessary track that adds to or tells the story of today's turmoil in any interesting way.


3 / 5

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