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'Song for Loner' - LOVETHEE [NEW SINGLE]

A sweet melody runs through the noise; for those who just can't find the right words to say.




‘Song for Loner’ is slacker rock in more ways than one: the song's title is literally what the song is about, the lyrics are sparse but sincere, and there's a sweet melody which permeates the noise. Ayie of LOVETHEE said in a written interview with us: “The idea for ‘Song for Loner’ comes from an early phase of my adult years. I’ve discovered that I like to be alone and have a hard time expressing my feelings to someone I like through normal conversation. ‘Song for Loner’ is how I express it. At the same time this song is for anyone who feels they're the same way”. LOVETHEE, the one-man-band from Perak, releases this single as a teaser towards their upcoming album, Sepuh Rasa , which will come out in March 2021. The closest English translation for the title I can muster is Welding Feelings or Alloying Emotions: like combining separate emotions into one; akin to a smelter making alloy from two metals so that it becomes stronger. Sepuh Rasa also tells a personal story. The word ‘sepuh’ comes from a blacksmithing term, referring to the process of shaping and reinforcing a weapon. I imagine this is meditative for a blacksmith. They inhabit their own world; with nothing to interrupt or corrupt the process - where they can make what their heart desires” This thematic metallurgy might already be alluded to in ‘Song for Loner’, where pop sentiments are purposefully obscured, so much so that they become one with the shoegaze-y distortion - a blanket of warmth and fuzz. Wavey guitar and vocals punctuated by papery drums.

LOVETHEE will also be a part of an upcoming Ipoh City Slackers compilation, engineered and produced by Jimi of Nagarakota and Mohd Jayzuan from art collective Projek Rabak.

The album stretches the definition of “slacker” while maintaining the essence of its ethos; featuring fresh bands like Hem & LOVETHEE, Malaysian indie veterans, Harmacy, and also artists such as jazz-influenced poet, Jack Malik and the violent experimental poet, Meor Hailree. The release date for Ipoh City Slackers is yet to be announced. Stay tuned to find out more!

RATING: 4 / 5

LOVETHEE. Courtesy of Nadzri Shaharuddin


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