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'Over Again' by rebelsuns is a groovy nod to Ross & Rachel-like relationships [NEW SINGLE]

Fun disco pop funk track by alternative pop duo to bring you to the future and back

RELEASE DATE: 11 DEC 2020 GENRE: POP / ALTERNATIVE POP / DISCO / FUTURE FUNK If their previous single, 'HUES' is a future funk cut with soaring, ballad synths and a lingering pall of sadness, 'Over Again' is when the neon sun comes back to shine over a once gray city. Wearing their K-pop and disco funk on their sleeves - listing influences TWICE, BTS, Chalmico & Childish Gambino - rebelsuns foray into a new sound is also a nostalgic ride On top of taking inspiration from movies like Saturday Night Fever, bassist Gilang Wisnandar said in a press statement: "I personally feel 'Over Again' is a fun, nostalgic, dancey song that could accompany you almost anytime of day. It’s got groove, nostalgia and really fun lyrics for anyone to just vibe to. It’s almost like a nice re-introduction to rebelsuns.”

rebelsuns. (Photo by Arandarga Lubis)

'Over Again' also possesses a type of freshness, found in the coherence of these myriad influences. It's clear from the way the pop duo discusses their music in their press statement, that their love for pop culture seeps into the songwriting. For example, in explaining the narrative of the track, rebelsuns says: "'Over Again' reflects two people with a constant chemistry despite their uncertain status. Friends, best-friends, lovers - they stay the same. All the mistakes that happen in this relationship are laughed off as good memories. Think Nick and Jess from New Girl, or Ross and Rachel from Friends".

'Over Again' is also a nod to the Jakarta-tinged Senoparty scene in Indonesia with a retro, timeless urban dance sound running through the track. The type tune that fits the retro-futurism bill really well. "I hope everyone has 'Over Again' in their New Years Eve playlists!” continues vocalist Dai Ramadhani. rebelsuns. will be involved in a variety of digital appearances that may involve fans while keeping to Covid-19 guidelines. Formed in 2016, REBELSUNS (stylised as rebelsuns.) are Dai Ramadhani and Gilang Wisnandar. It all started with a collaboration over a single shared on an online drive, and 4 years later they've honed their sensibilities for nostalgia and concocting impactful pop hooks.

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