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Listen here: King Krule's sophomore album effort is filled with immense yet subtle growth, as they tinker and expand their soundscape vocabulary, swallowing their influences and creating this mass of beauty. GENRE: JAZZ-ROCK, POST PUNK, TRIP HOP FAV TRACK(S): Dum Surfer, Slush Puppy, Lonely Blue, Half Man Half Shark RATING: 4/5 Nota Nada is a music review series based in Kuala Lumpur. Once in a while our script supervisor, Hao will step in and talk about some interesting finds that he discovered through the years of browsing the interwebs.

The series doesn't discriminate on genre, language, space and time! Follow us on Twitter & Facebook: @atrmag42 & Instagram: @awfultrackrecord Visit for fresh updates on music from all over time and space. CREDITS: Venue: Sifters Asia Video Editor & Videographer: Transhallow Script Supervisor: Zim Ahmadi Thumbnail & Rambling Guy: Low Hao Zhe

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