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British folk singer-songwriter, Laura Marling has released several album trailers and a single as a preview of her 7th solo studio album.

She released 3 album trailers for Song for Our Daughter

The album trailers that she's shared comprises spoken word, song snippets and grainy rustic images. For fans of Laura Marling, you would've noticed that her sound has evolved throughout her albums, especially with the oft-kilter Cohen-esque sound of Once I Was An Eagle and the intermittently sensual & nocturnal 2017 album Semper Femina. The trailers and her single 'Held Down' however has shown a kind of return to form, going back to folk roots and fully recharging them by giving the sound a whole new body. 'Held Me Down' sees Laura Marling sing to beautiful vocal choruses amid idyllic acoustic guitars, pianos and strings. After 7 albums, it's an immensely overwhelming feeling to think that Laura Marling has lived a full life already, launching herself into indie stardom at the early age of 18. Maybe, 'Song of Our Daughter' will weave an introspection around this new stage of her life, now that she's 30. (I thought after all of the wisdom she's imparted in her music she'd be at least 40 by now). 'Song of Our Daughter' comes out 10 April 2020.

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