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NEW SINGLE(s): 'Gardenia' & 'delivery' - VIONA

GENRE: EXPERIMENTAL/POP RELEASE DATE: 27 MAR 2020 Takahara Suiko's side solo project VIONA has been churning out tracks more frequently now, commenting on Mont Kiara joggers and the general milieu of the COVID-19 crisis in Malaysia. In her latest song, she tackles the hoarding of popular bread brand, Gardenia. It's charming, snarky, and it incorporates the actual jingle of the bread into its hook.

GENRE: EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE DATE: 28 MAR 2020 She also gave some commendations to some of the heroes of this pandemic, namely the deliverymen/women who bring food and other necessities to other people who are staying at home. Unlike the peppy twinkle of 'Gardenia', the drums and horn samples of 'delivery' give off a more triumphant, like a military trumpet bestowing glory upon these workers who sacrifice their safety for the welfare of others. Considering VIONA's prolific trajectory (and the fact that she, like the rest of us, are also self-isolating), there's probably going to be more tracks on the way. Follow her on Bandcamp, Instagram or Twitter to keep yourself up-to-date! We're sure as hell trying our best.

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