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[NEW SINGLE(S)] Doraemon-like wife & incompetent financial institutions? VIONA has a song for it

Yes, she's still on her daily streak. This time it's about the Malaysian government's absurd attempt at reducing domestic violence by asking women to be more adorable. Oh, and popular Netflix series, Casa del Papel.


There's a lot to unpack here. One part to whinge about is the thought that Doraemon would be a perfect example of an appealing character for women to emulate. The other part is the misogyny and the victim-blaming that occurs within the context of domestic abuse. VIONA (aka Takahara Suiko) addresses both of these in her song. 'Doraemon' kicks off with a tongue-in-cheek statement and gets more serious in the second verse, all backed by an alternate hip hop beat to give that 'Doraemon' theme song sample some edge.


This song is another kind of cool. VIONA gives her own take of the El Profesor song Bella Ciao that's featured in the Spanish heist series, Casa del Papel (aka Money Heist). Her confrontational performance and the fact that she alternates between Italian and English is cool enough as it is, but even her soft touch on the production is the right amount of tasteful. Her aesthetic choice to use an octopus as an album art while using tentacle metaphors is hilarious poetry in disguise because it doesn't represent a real-life bank or current events. We're just talking about TV shows here.

Check out VIONA's Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to follow her updates!

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