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NEW SINGLE: For those who can't keep things together, ANDREAH gives you 'Focus'

Irish-Filipina born singer-songwriter ANDREAH releases ‘Focus’, your typical acoustic pop, singer-songwriter cut, channeling the spirit of Ed Sheeran and charming troubadours from the 90s like Lisa Loeb. The kickdrums in the second leg of this track makes Focus sound like of those poppish indie folk songs like Of Monsters and Men or Mumford & Sons less banjo-ey tracks. There's a lot of potential in ANDREAH. Although she sticks to the basics, there's still a lot of heart in the performance that makes one miss the days of country-influenced singer-songwriters such as Anna Nalick. There's some spots here and there that touches on the struggles of anxiety and its effect on social life.

ANDREAH - who at the age of 18 has already supported The Script and Sam Smith on their Southeast Asian tour legs — chronicles the struggles of your regular teenager through her music in the hopes that her listeners would be able to find comfort and solace in knowing they are not alone. “The song is about battling school life and trying to balance it with life at home in tandem with developing my music career. Trying to FOCUS on the most important aspects of growing up, the song Focus is a good representation of the struggles I went through in my mind. I hope this song and my music in general can help people through rough and difficult times, as it has helped me.”, she's stated in a press release. ANDREAH sounds like deserves a spot in a Disney teen movie about a kid who succeeds in a talent show. Maybe someday we'll see her songwriting and musicianship mature to earn a spot in young adult TV series with an edge. Remember when all of those acoustic indie songs used to form 80% of the soundtrack of shows like The O.C. or One Tree Hill? What a time to be alive, that was.

Listen to her previous single "Best Friend":

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