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NEW RELEASE: VIONA ushers in the new year with 'Kelibat'


For 2019, add Takahara Suiko to your soundtrack of resolutions


Takahara Suiko's solo project alter-ego, VIONA, has released <em>Kelibat</em>: a song about grappling with the past that encroaches, always  on a mission to control your future, as stated on her Bandcamp profile.

As seems to be the predominant VIONA brand (and Takahara Suiko when she leads The Venopian SolitudeKelibat is a healthy mixture of polemic, truthful lyrics with slightly cheery, jangly instrumentation. It's a tug-of-war of a prose, as the words sing of self-doubt and general uncertainty, as Takahara is burdened by the contributions of the 'greats' that came before her (dijerut oleh ilham azali yang lali/dengan gemilang jasa warga tersemadi) [probably a reference to the person she thought she once was].

Not all is bleak in her run from her shadows, as Kelibat (n. shadows) wraps up with a verse illustrating her running faster than time towards the light - which can also mean death, but I admire the ambiguity. (akhirnya angkasa mendengar khabar berita/langkahku yang maju tepat ke cahaya/lebih pantas daripada masa </em>

<em>terus berlari ke arah sinar)

With VIONA's large collection of tracks over the year starting with Srikandi  and including her Remix Tradisi playlist, Kelibat is one of her (VIONA)'s cleaner production, with purposeful locomotive-like guitars speeding through the confines of history and into the horizon of optimism.

Takahara Suiko's band, <The Venopian Solitude will also be performing new songs on the 26 of January! We're all excited for their upcoming album this year. The Big Jan Show will also feature SevenCollar T-Shirt (with a new album out called Murder), Iqbal M (with an album coming soon), Budak Nakal Hujung Simpang, Leaism and more!

Look your past demons in the eye, and let's go through 2019 stronger than ever.



<em>To find more about The Venopian Solitude, click here.

To find more VIONA, head to her Soundcloud.

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