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[NEW RELEASE] VIONA hits the struggles of working from home and detached rich people

Like a news bulletin, VIONA is on a daily streak with two new singles 'T20 (cemar duli)' & 'WFH'

In a time of crisis where everyone's movements are limited to their own confinements, it seems to be the perfect setting for class divides to reveal itself as some celebrities tell people to stay at home while streaming videos of their mansions, on the other hand, you have people struggle to make a living.

With recent benefits given by the Malaysian government to the Bottom 40% income group (B40), some people in the wealthier economic brackets of society have questioned the efficiency and appropriateness of these policies, inadvertently showing how detached they are from the actual struggles of poverty.

VIONA's song 'T20' (Top 20%) directly addresses this group, condemning them for staying on their high horse and pointedly asking them to come back to Earth. The more nocturnal electronic production of the song adds an edginess to the track that makes every word hurt a little bit more.

On the topic of aloof people of wealth, 'WFH' is about another kind of issue facing the working class. Although technology has provided us with so much convenience, the problem is the expectation placed upon people who work remotely now - a world where lunch breaks, work hours, and weekends become mythical concepts. Not to mention to some of us, this would be the first time we'd have to do our work around children.

VIONA aka Takahara Suiko of the Venopian Solitude is aiming for a daily output of music during this quarantine period, so do follow her on Twitter, Bandcamp, and Instagram for updates!

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