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[NEW RELEASE] PKP Project: A Malaysian compilation reminds you to STAY HOME // STAY SAFE

A cool compilation is out now for music lovers who are at the crossroads of bedroom pop, power pop and lo-fi.

In this compilation, W/SH, electhriq of the pop-punk band Pasca Sini, Joyberry, and motherwit all contribute their own fresh, original tracks during this quarantine.

motherwit recording their song 'senjakala' at home'

The EP has 4 tracks in total; some covering relevant themes of long-distance relationships in these hard times (+60/+44) and warnings for people to stay at home (You Take Care), some are quarantine-adjacent but still pack a serious mood like 'Another Bedroom Pop Song' and 'Senjakala' (The latter the most upbeat track among the bunch).

Joyberry released a music video for their track

Although one might conflate the genres and themes with sadness, there's something subtly comforting about the production and the song choices on this EP. These artists just decided to collaborate together as friends for an EP, and now we all have our anthems for our self-isolating reveries. The EP is mixed by Shaheir Jibin and mastered by Anwar Husaini of Hazardgeek Records. Listen:

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