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'My Demise' - Capt'n Trips & the Kid [NEW MUSIC VIDEO]

The psychedelic group ventures into spooky territory

GENRE: PSYCHEDELIC ROCK RELEASE DATE: MV : 31 JAN 2021 // SONG: 23 JULY 2020 (part of ‘Iteration 33’) LABEL: MUSTAJ RECORDS The psychedelic rock band, Capt’n Trips & the Kid has released a music video for their song ‘My Demise’ from their latest album, Iteration 33. The video - directed by the band members themselves - offers the song an entirely new dose of sinister. The video version comes complete with a villainous laugh in the style of the demons from your psychosis. And then two-thirds into the video, the sleep-paralysis-monster-on-your-bed is listing down the tracks from Iteration 33 like a low-budget late-night commercial asking you to listen to the album? Well yeah, you should.

The improvisational feel of Capt’n Trips & the Kid’s psychedelia might not be for everyone, but there is an alluring draw in Iteration 33 that almost comes off like a narrative for a high fantasy occult story in the middle of an apocalypse. Songs transitions almost seamlessly into each other, until you reach the first full-stop that is ‘My Demise’ - the end of one sprawling chapter.


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