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MUSIC VIDEO: "Midnight"'s Futuristic Animation by Juno & Hanna Tells a Story of Marriage

Last year they released the first music video off of their EP "Epiphany" for their song "Sara". This time, for their single "Midnight", they took the animation route, working with director Hakeem Roshdi, and artists Amirul Najihan and Amirul Syafiq.

In an e-mail interview with the duo, Juno & Hanna collectively responded that the artists for the music video approached them regarding an assignment for their coursework. "They are students from UITM Puncak Perdana. We were very pleased to have received this offer from them. We hope with our collaboration they would gain more exposure and individuality for their works in the future".

In 2018, Juno and Hanna released their EP, "Epiphany", which were meant to be the duo branching out of their inclination towards bitterness and heartbreak into more contemporary subject matters closer to their own lives.

Most of the EP is open to interpretation, but the duo has stated explicitly what "Midnight" is about.

"Midnight is actually about being in a marriage, where sometimes the little things that makes your partner happy is often neglected because they are either chasing for something bigger and better for the family or to fix financial situations. In the music video, the story is about a couple arguing which results in the person leaving to clear his mind".

The animation done by the three university students are a wonderful work of futurism & psychedelia, where individuals in the video contain a type of aura when they are out and about. The narrative might be elusive at first, but the visuals are immediately engaging.

"[In the video] along the way, he was approached by an upset drunk person. The person asks him for answers on what is more feared by him, whether its having everything that he has ever wanted or having nothing at all. This makes the main character realize how things went wrong between him and his partner in the relationship. So he writes a note to express his efforts, no matter how small, in changing", said Juno & Hanna.

This endeavour of change is represented by the abstract objects in the music video, such as the sentient spheres that occupy the spaces in the city.

The sibling duo from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is known for being able to enchant people with their brand of nocturnal, wispy, almost ambient-like electronica that is paired with vocals of an enigmatic, dream-like ature, where Hanna Halim's voice is often pitched to create what sounds like a deeper, genderless songstress alter-ego while Saiful Hanif further elevates the atmosphere with ethereal loops, riffs, layers and samples. Listen to "Epiphany":

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