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HACKTICK!'s new music video brings together Doraemon and sportswear

The music video for their song "Mujikalau Kita Ke Depa, Nak Mau Dengaq" is a fun-filled, interdimensional trip.

There's a lot to be said about the pop punk revival movement that's spreading all around the Malaysian peninsula - and none of those are words are "boring". With bands like HACKTICK! in the zeitgeist, the genre gets a fresh coat of paint and a vital boost of energy. You can feel this emanating from every single track off of their debut EP, Dog Days Diaries. One of those songs is the wacky & hopeful Mujikalau Kita Kata Ke Depa, Bukan Depa Nak Mau Dengaq (loosely translated from the Northern Malay dialect as Even if we tell them, it's not like they'll listen).

A song as colourful as Neapolitan ice cream deserves a music video as ebullient, and under the direction of Azizulhakim Salleh, you get just that - and more!

The band runs across worlds with the help of a magic door (inspired by a gadget featured in the Japanese series, Doraemon, The Anywhere Door: or in Malay, 'Pintu Suka Hati') from a stadium to a beach. Each scenery reflects the different musical portions of the song; one moment you get classic pop punk with glimmering synth passages in the locker room, the next a reggae/two-tone bridge by the sea. You also get funny snippets of the band trying to go through the struggles of being broke, armed with half-ironic motivational posters and instant noodles. The music video also features a pleasant surprise in the form of Takahara Suiko's appearance as an encouraging woman serving them tea (both literal and metaphorical), while lead singer Hyke absorbs some of that energy to boost the spirit of the rest of the band members. If you're still not listening to HACKTICK! after reading this and watching the video, we don't know what else to do.

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