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Club Perenang Rohani wants to save your relationship

A closer look into the creation of this trap collaboration. GENRE: TRAP / ALTERNATIVE R&B


Earlier this year, a small EP by two trap collaborators, GARD and WUZGUT came into existence with every intention to soak you in nightly waters filled with romantic introspections. GARD has been on the SoundCloud circuit for quite a while with releases like No Plug Boy ft. TRUTH, EXACT & Airliftz. His highest point in his understated journey of music used to be his collaboration with Kidd Santhe on API earlier this year, but now with CPR, GARD shows his capacity at emotional nuance beyond just comical braggadacio. But with CPR, both creators show their capacity at expanding their sonic palettes within R&B framings.

Songs like Senja celebrate the weird yet pleasant surrender of falling for someone, while mixing the fresh and the retro. Producer WUZGUT brings his finishing touches to the beat and the ambience ensuring a decent enough traversal between the run-of-the-mill trap sound to warmer, classic pop territories. It's far from perfect, but it's clear that a lot of stories came into this project. Wonderland’s wavy textures make its romantic declarations blossom.

In explaining the spirit of the EP, in a press statement Gard stated: “I put myself out there representing the souls that I once cherished. As a human being, choosing someone to share a life and heart with is very difficult as love is akin to drugs. Once it’s channeled to your life, it will flow in your body ‘til the end of time. Never regret the choices you made. Maybe from her you learn to be generous, patient, and loving. Don’t worry, [as the saying goes], “No matter how deep the void is, there will be hands to catch you”. We’ll let them go deeper into what went into each track, from a conversation we had with their PR contact, Amirul Baqhtear Just keep on reading! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The EP is inspired from LP concept and get shortened to EP due to lack of resources in terms of studio time. ‘Saeb’ theme (read: sad and emotionally broken) is set for the whole record to make it sound full and cohesive. Simply speaking, CPR is about how [Gard] copes with his loss. TRIP MALIS

The 1st track titled “Trip Malis” serves as the intro to what the whole EP is about; a communication tool to the listeners of why the EP sound like what it is. Gard wants them to be in his shoes or swim in his emotions; what it feels like to be left unattended and treated like a disposable person. He invested so much time and energy in the relationship but nothing is given in return. It’s an internal dialogue by him but spoken by a different person. The speech is done by Normalis Nordin, a friend of Gard, and is treated as a collaboration the same way we look at featured artists on CPR. MESIN MASA & SORRY IF RINDU

The first two tracks after “Trip Malis” may sound disgruntled or remorseful based on the soundscape and songwriting. The EP somewhat refers to ]5 stages of grief; when one experiences loss, it takes the two stages (Denial & Anger) for him/her to pace the feelings of grief. During “Mesin Masa” and “Sorry If Rindu,” the door remains closed as nobody could have any ideas what he wants to do with all the emotional baggage in his shoulder. It takes us back to the memory lane with someone when things go south. We reminisce about the good times we had and how things could have been done differently if we could go back. That is when the track “Senja” comes in. He slowly, layer by layer, releases the old baggage. SENJA

The title “Senja” derived from the literal translation of dusk; the end time of contemplating whether or not he should commit giving his all to the supposed love one. It is the time when one whispers matters about which they remain silent in the full light of sun. It’s a track where he’s being open about his feelings; he bargains with the pain he endures. The “what ifs” make us think if only we could do better or on the hindsight if it’s worth the wait. Gard says this is before he goes to “Wonderland”, a track about the promise between him and her to live together ever after. WONDERLAND

In “Wonderland,” he [GARD] put himself as someone who’s patiently waiting for the promised trip; a trip to ever after love. To quote him, “Wonderland” is symbolic to promise. He’s being completely open to the listeners of what he wants to do with the loss. Some part of him want things to get back to what it was, so he decides to keep on waiting for the said trip. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The GARD WUZGUT collaboration might not be reaching its end after all. “About our future plans, we are currently planning to come up with an LP that revolves around a different theme. With two tracks ready to be released, we are waiting for CPR to mature before we can deliver it. As for now, we would like to see how the audience consumes this type of record and improve ourselves over time. We hope this tape could save someone's relationship and help them contemplate on their actions towards each other. Aha. All love”. Listen to CPR here:

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