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[UPCOMING] Brazilian band Los Volks announces 'Vitral', explores adulthood & vulnerability

Los Volks is a Brazilian indie rock band known to infuse melancholy in between the veins that connect Latin music and familiar indie sketches, and their upcoming song "Vitral", coming out 16 April, will be no different.

In a press release, the band has stated that the single is heavily inspired by indie pop Norwegian singer, Girl In Red. You can hear it in the softness of the melody coupled with the wistfulness of the lyrics. The song also features Paraguayan singer, Dahiana Samudio and although the track is mostly Portuguese, it also includes a Spanish verse.

Ya no quiero llorar

Pero solo quiero escuchar


I do not want to cry anymore

But i just wanna listen

Exploring topics about the passions of young adulthood, vocalist Pablo Mello aims to capture "...a feeling that makes people surrender and lose control of reality. It is very difficult to see the truth that is literally before us because we are generally afraid of the lack of reciprocity". He also explained that "Vitral" means 'stained glass' in Portuguese, visualised in the song as the lyrics "Nosso corpo e um so//Dois esboços do lado oposto de um Vitral" (Our bodies are just one//Two sketches on the opposite side of a stained glass)

Girl In Red was a main inspiration for this single, according to the band

The melody was composed by the entire band. Guitarist Paulo Arbeli talked about their inspirations and how Los Volks plan to move forward with their sound:

"We aim to evolve without losing the essence that the group built with the debut songs. In this way, we were inspired by artists like Girl In Red and Sharon Van Etten and bands like Blur, El Cuarteto de Nos and Los Hermanos to compose the harmony of the music".

Los Volks is formed by Isabella Araújo (bassist), Carolyn Areias (vocalist), Pablo Mello (vocalist) and Paulo Arbeli (guitarist). The recordings for 'Vitral' took place between November 2019 and March this year, with the support of producers Cláudio Júnior and Theo Cancello, respectively.

Album art by photographer, Tyna Cardoso

Check out one of their songs from their eponymous debut, 'Tarde de Domingo' :

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