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TRACK REVIEW: 'Sweet Failure' - James Yusof

RELEASE DATE: 27 NOV 2019 GENRE: INDIE ROCK / EMO / POP PUNK Guitarist for Kuala Lumpur rock band, Modescape, James Yusof traverses through the realm of bouncy, shimmery indie rock in his latest song Sweet Failure. The vocals stay true to emo proclivities, and the lyrics fare the same, covering that timeless emo topic of complicated relationships. The saviour of this song is really James Yusof’s guitar work, from the sweet sentimental tones of the first half and the transition into drums in the second that reminds you “Hey, we play pop punk too!”. The song at the heart of it leaves a lot for wanting though, with little moments here and there where the writing feels sharp (Know your enemy/They’ll pull the trigger/Pin it on ya/Glory Days), while other parts just feel like more contrived emo platitudes (such as the chorus). The catchiness is undeniable but not enough to keep it afloat. RATING: 3 / 5

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